DIY Dog Dish Table

Do you wuv puppies? 

Do you wish to allow them the dignity of eating at a wittle table?

Do you hate the unsightliness of dog dishes sitting on your floor?

If you answered yes to all of these questions and love 1 hour projects, this one is for you. I took some scrap 5/4 pine (1-1/8" actual thickness...the table frame wants to be meaty to hold the bowl properly) and cross cut it into three pieces (the table can be any height or width that suits your canine friend). Get two stainless steel bowls with a lip at the top so the bowls don't fall through the table holes. The tricky part is measuring the diameter of the bowl just under the top lip because many dog bowls are stamped metal and have a taper (the top is bigger then the can't just trace it with a pencil). I used a big outside caliper I got at a tag sale but you can get the same measurement with three small sticks of wood and a couple of spring clamps. After getting the upper diameter, I then measured the angle of the bowl sides with my trusty miter gauge (a simple device that no wood shop should be without). Then I drew the diameter on my wood tabletop with a beam compass (which you can make with two pencils, a stick, and some duct tape). I let the circle overhang the edge of the wood slightly to create a cool bowl cantilever effect (eat your heart out Kevin Roche). I then set my jigsaw to the requisite angle and hand cut the holes. Not super accurate but some sanding made it look good from far. Some glue, a nail gun, two minutes later and this project was basically done. I finished it with a cool looking gloss enamel so it doesn't feel self conscious being only a few feet from the aesthetically put together KitchenAid mixer. Dinner is served!

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