Overview of my handmade bicycle

I'm sure I will make more videos specific to individual components of this bike, but this video goes over most of the parts. If you'd be interested in seeing more videos detailing how I made it (or about some of my other projects) comment/like/subscribe and I'll put the time into editing. Here are some of the things I could make videos about, let me know which you'd be most interested in:

-Steam bending handlebars
-Clear coating steel
-Cutting/brazing steel tubes
-Choosing the tubes/designing the frame
-Choosing the components on the bike (1x gear calculations)
-Building up wheels with dynamos
-Wiring up the dynamo to power lights and USB
-Designing and printing the U-Lock holder/fender
-Application of retroreflective glass beads
-Making a wooden saddlebag
-Making a wooden chain guard
-Vacuum penetrating with various liquids
-Making a magnetic phone mount
-Routing internal cables within housing
-Making wooden business cards
-Making wooden watches