From Sketches to functional prototypes. MakeHaven also facilitates academic research!

I came to New Haven for a 4-month academic exchange at Yale University. Here, I collaborated with the Department of Cardiac Surgery to explore novel treatment options for patients with heart failure. With a biomedical engineering degree and an ongoing master's degree in Experimental Surgery, I aim to approach unmeet needs in the field of circulatory support for the development of improved cardiovascular devices.
I decided to join MakeHaven due to its excellent facilities and its 24hr accessibility since I had a tight timeframe for the realization of my project. In Make Haven I conducted hydraulic feasibility testing of early concepts of the pump and I developed functional proof-of-concept (POC) prototypes of a wireless power transfer activation. To give some background on the topic, some of the complications of circulatory support therapy is bleeding and infections post-surgery, which are consequences of the percutaneous driveline that activates the pump (image below).Driveline
Therefore, the wireless power transfer aims to eliminate the need for the percutaneous driveline which exits the body to reduce blood trauma complications after surgery. 
A lot of research is needed to prove the reliability of this approach but in MakeHaven, using laser cutters, 3D printers, and the space for electronic making and I was able to perform preliminary testing and early concept prototypes which allowed me to complete my project within the given timeframe. 
I truly appreciate the support, space, and equipment provided by MakeHaven, the staff, and the volunteering team, which enormously facilitate the completion of my project!
I've included more images below of the things I was able to do in the facility. Feel free to check them out!