Best of Makers on YouTube

Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm

YouTube and other video services have amazing information and how to videos. This event gives you the chance to share the best of what you have found, and others to discover new inspiring content.At this online event people will have 1 minute to introduce why they have picked a segment of a favorite learning video. Each person should explain why the channel or video is awesome. We then play the segment has a maximum time of 2 minutes, and move on to the next person.

Topics of videos can be about how things are made, engineering, art or instructional. The idea is that everyone goes home with leads on where to find amazing video content relevant to makers. 



We need people to pick a video they think others will enjoy. To do so please resister below with the link to the YouTube video and the start time you want for your segment.  


Videos Submitted

The Thought Emporium - Making Kombucha Leather
Stephen - Wintergatan - Marble Machine
Engineering Guy - Injection Molding
Adrian - colinfurze - How to build a TURBOJET ENGINE
Styropyro - Modified Bug Zapper
Michael - Adoble Creative Cloud - Star Wars Inspired Illustrations
This Old Tony - Form Die
Lior- ClickSpring - How To Make A Clock In The Home Machine Shop


Winston Moy


Todd - Omar Gonzalez Photography - Understanding Light in Photography. Part One: Intensity


AVE- BOLTR: Dirty Secrets of Harbor Freight HERCULES


Additional JR Identified

Cody's Lab - Making a Ring
Crash Course - Engineering - Materials, Stresses, & Toughness
 Also see
Submitted By Paul
Shows how to make an oval picture frame. Starting at the 30 second mark he shows how to use three nails, some string and some math to figure out how to draw out the shape to size. I also like the emphasis on making a pattern for a woodworking project to repeatable results.
This whole video is a wonderful primer for turning. The maker does a great job breaking down the process. What he lacks in polish he makes up for in simple, easy to follow directions.
Tamar at 3x3custom is my absolute favorite maker. In this video she breaks down a creative joint, and takes viewers along for the ride. I love her honest approach, using her failures as learnings. She truly embodies the marker spirit.

Videos Brough Up During the Session 


Colin Bunting - Simone Giertz
Andy - Look Mum No Computer
Stephen Cebik
Another great (not)wood turner: 


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