Bio Room Meetup

Monday, May 15, 2023 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
46 days remaining

Join our meetup to talk with like-minded makers. Check out the bio room, bring projects to show, ideas to share, dreams for the future, sketches, materials, or just yourself. We'll talk about what we'd like to see in our bio area in the future, and how we can support each other as makers. All experience levels welcome (what's that room about to biosuperstar). BYOB welcome.

Real name: 
Nora Pyenson


Instructor Bio: 

As a microbiologists I've often thought that many of my experiments are technically (or conceptually) easy enough that a high schooler would be able to do them. There are lots of ways to use microbiology, molecular biology, and engineering for fun and interesting projects. I like communicating science in an uncomplicated and unpretentious manner and I'd love to be able to help non-scientists learn about experiments. I'm new to the New Haven, but in NYC I really loved being a part of my university's science outreach, especially when it involved helping other adults.

When capacity of event is full you may join the Waiting List. For online events a link to join the session will be automatically emailed after registration.

MakeHaven Main Space

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