Learn Linux Commands

Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

This basics workshop is designed for people who have zero Linux experience. Come learn what Linux is and how it can be useful for you. Learning will focus on basic commands and offer a peek into the Linux world. Plan how you can take the next steps in your Linux journey! Commands will include:

  • man - an interface to the on-line reference manuals
  • ls - list directory contents
  • cd - changes directory
  • Top - display Linux processes
  • PSTREE - display a tree of processes
  • Nano - A text editor
  • wget - network downloader
  • mkdir - make directories
  • mv - move files
  • cp - Copy files
  • rm - Remove files

At the end of the session you will know how to issue commands that find, copy and manipulate files, Install software and login to a remote machine. Linux is the foundational framework that many familiar devices (Android phones, vehicle navigation systems, webpage servers...) utilized under the hood.

You can view the reference document for the background on commands.


Before the class please ensure you can access the command terminal.




  • On a windows machine you can install Ubuntu Terminal
  • You an also create a bootable UBS of Ubuntu Linux


Through the web

  • If you are unable to access terminal on your computer. We suggest you setup a web session using https://codeanywhere.com/ account before the session starts..

MakeHaven Computer

  • Participants who dont have a laptop for this workshop can request use of a MakeHaven computer. If you need to use a MakeHaven computer, please indicate in the registration form. 
Real name: 
J.R. Logan


Instructor Bio: 

J.R. is a cofounder and executive director of MakeHaven, a nonprofit makerspace and FabLab in New Haven, Connecticut.  J.R. has a history of nonprofit leadership at United Way, in New Haven he currently serves on the board of the Eli Whitney Museum and Elm City Innovation Collaborative. He has been involved in local environmental initiatives and is an advocate for urban river restoration and access. He has earned a master's degree in Public Affairs from the School and Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University with a focus on nonprofit management.

When capacity of event is full you may join the Waiting List. For online events a link to join the session will be automatically emailed after registration.