Learn Together: Drawing, GIMP and Conversation

Monday, May 4, 2020 - 6:00pm to 6:45pm

Join facilitator Michael Angelis and JR Logan as they learn how to stylize portraits in GIMP. This will be an unrehearsed learning session where Michael provides the artistic perspective and JR brings technology experience as a student. People encouraged to join the conversation, follow along,and provide tips. There are no rules, other than learning together.

What is GIMP?
We encourage you to download GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) so you can follow along. GIMP is a powerful free open source image editing tool.

Real name: 
Michael Angelis


Instructor Bio: 

BFA Purchase College, SUNY 2001

MA Art Education, Teachers College Columbia 2005

K-12 Digital and Studio Arts Teacher 2005-present

Teaching workshops at MakeHaven 2016-present

Painter and Printmaker


Real name: 
J.R. Logan


Instructor Bio: 

J.R. is a cofounder and executive director of MakeHaven, a nonprofit makerspace and FabLab in New Haven, Connecticut.  J.R. has a history of nonprofit leadership at United Way, in New Haven he currently serves on the board of the Eli Whitney Museum and Elm City Innovation Collaborative. He has been involved in local environmental initiatives and is an advocate for urban river restoration and access. He has earned a master's degree in Public Affairs from the School and Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University with a focus on nonprofit management.

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