Maker Fabrication, Beyond the Basics

Saturday, January 28, 2017 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

This is intended to widen and deepen a new maker's understanding of the tools and techniques of fabribation. The advanced class is a kickoff to an to a group project which the team will have a month to complete before presenting what they have done to the group.  The class is free to all active MakeHaven members. 

1pm - Introductions and welcome
1:10pm - Challenge Description and Group Brainstorming 
1:20pm - Lecture : Getting Advanced with 3d Printing
1:40pm - Demo: Create, Slice and Print a Vase
2:00pm - Talk / Demo: Make a Mold 
2:20pm - Group Activity: Vacuum forming, Make a Mask

10 minute Break
2:30pm - Team Formation and Group Brainstroming
3:00pm - Lecture / Demo: CNC Milling on Shapeoko
3:45pm - Demo: Casting Your Part
4:00pm - Demo: Vinyl Cutter PCBs
4:30pm - Activity: Soldering Practice
4:50pm - Wrapup and evaluations

Following the class the team will have 1 month to build something that will be shared when the cohort reconvenes in one month.

Team Presentations: Are held the last Tuesday of the following month from 7pm - 8pm.

Prerequisites: Badged on laser cutter and 3d printer.

Class size 8.