Gerber CNC Router

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Cutting area of 53.5"x97"x5.5", max spindle speed of 18000rpm and travel speed of 600ipm. Has vacuum hold down, and will be upgraded to have Automatic Tool Changing. 

Requirements for Use
Required Badges: 

Gerber CNC

Before getting badged on the Gerber, members must be badged and experienced on the Shapeoko. They should have experience doing through-cuts, engraving, etc, and have done at least a minimum of 3 projects. A good benchmark is that the member should not be hitting any workholding clamps, cutting into the table, etc.


Some safety rules:

-This is a buddy tool if the barrier is not fully erected

-The perimeter barrier should be erected whenever possible when the tool is running

-The Estop must be pressed for tool changes

-You must stay with the machine while it's running

-You are responsible for the safety of others: make sure they are out of the way
Badging video timestamp notes:
00:00:00 Prerequisites & Safety
00:03:22 Materials to use/avoid
00:04:00 Stay with the machine
00:04:24 Workflow
00:06:00 Using VCarve Pro
00: 07:00 Zeroing & datums
00:08:22 VCarve Pro Tools
00:12:48 CAM - Making a tool path
00:16:57 Z gap
00:18:30 Feeds & Speeds
00:21:43 Set inside, outside, on the line cut
00:23:17 Tabs
00:24:28 Simulate tool path
00:25:40 Save tool path & post processor
00:27:40 3D Engraving
00:30:40 Fonts
00:31:50 Machine overview
00:34:08 Machine startup procedure
00:37:50 E Stops
00:39:00 Homing & manual jogging
00:43:45 Manual Data Input
00:47:45 Securing workpiece
00:50:40 Installing bits into collets
00:54:36 Loading GCode from flash drive onto machine
00:56:37 Setting new origin [relative to workpiece]
01:04:00 Vacuum table & clamping tips
01:06:45 Test running your design in the air
01:07:32 Pausing and resuming
01:10:10 Engraving pass
01:12:40 Cleanup
Badge Prerequisite: 
Watch Video
Pass Quiz
In person checkout required
Facilitator Checkout
Estimated Minutes for Checkout: 
180 Minutes

Check Out With Facilitator

Community Facilitators are volunteers who to advise MakeHaven members on projects and show members how to use the tools.

Facilitator hours will be BY APPOINTMENT during their listed hours. To make an appointment, contact the facilitator directly via Slack. To prevent unnecessary space access during the pandemic, facilitators will not be in the space unless they have an appointment. Note that some facilitators are available only for online virtual appointments at this time. Any questions please email

Community Facilitators are volunteers who to advise MakeHaven members on projects and show members how to use the tools.

When Member Photo Name / Activity Area
Thursday Jun 8, 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Adam Work

Lasers & Woodworking

Special Requirements: 

Buddy System

Tools identified as requiring the buddy system can not be used alone by a member in the space. Another person who is willing and able to respond in an emergency must be identified, informed and consent that they are acting as a buddy.  This buddy must remain in the space and be able to observe if any issue arises. The designated buddy must be able to see and hear their partner in person (not just video). Metal shop buddy must be in the metal shop with opperator. The buddy must inform the member operating the tool if they intend to leave so that the tool operator can stop use of any tools requiring the buddy system.  

Instructions for Use: 

Feel free to bring a cut file to your badging.


To get VCarve on your personal computer, go to and download VCarve Pro Trial Version. Once installed, go to Help > About, and enter the following code (visible only to members, do not share): A35E3-8F3CE-2864A-00833-BD773-AE7AD-B67AC. This will let you save files as CRVs, which you can load onto the computers at MakeHaven, which can export the actual GCode.

Instructional Video: 
Item Area Interest: