Gerber CNC

Before getting badged on the Gerber, members must be badged and experienced on the Shapeoko. They should have experience doing through-cuts, engraving, etc, and have done at least a minimum of 3 projects. A good benchmark is that the member should not be hitting any workholding clamps, cutting into the table, etc.


Some safety rules:

-This is a buddy tool if the barrier is not fully erected

-The perimeter barrier should be erected whenever possible when the tool is running

-The Estop must be pressed for tool changes

-You must stay with the machine while it's running

-You are responsible for the safety of others: make sure they are out of the way
Badging video timestamp notes:
00:00:00 Prerequisites & Safety
00:03:22 Materials to use/avoid
00:04:00 Stay with the machine
00:04:24 Workflow
00:06:00 Using VCarve Pro
00: 07:00 Zeroing & datums
00:08:22 VCarve Pro Tools
00:12:48 CAM - Making a tool path
00:16:57 Z gap
00:18:30 Feeds & Speeds
00:21:43 Set inside, outside, on the line cut
00:23:17 Tabs
00:24:28 Simulate tool path
00:25:40 Save tool path & post processor
00:27:40 3D Engraving
00:30:40 Fonts
00:31:50 Machine overview
00:34:08 Machine startup procedure
00:37:50 E Stops
00:39:00 Homing & manual jogging
00:43:45 Manual Data Input
00:47:45 Securing workpiece
00:50:40 Installing bits into collets
00:54:36 Loading GCode from flash drive onto machine
00:56:37 Setting new origin [relative to workpiece]
01:04:00 Vacuum table & clamping tips
01:06:45 Test running your design in the air
01:07:32 Pausing and resuming
01:10:10 Engraving pass
01:12:40 Cleanup
Badge Prerequisite: