Button Maker 2 1/4 Inch

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A 2 1/4 inch (58mm) machine for the creation of buttons.

Instructions for Use: 

All the instructions for this button maker are the same as the 1" button maker, though the larger supplies are used and a different image size needs to be created.

For these buttons you will need a 53mm diameter image that will be visible out to 58mm diameter.  You will be cutting the circles with a 70mm diameter so plan out your pages accordingly. The below image illustrates the size of button. For all other instructions, refer to the 1" button maker page.

Image courtesy of buttonbadges.co.za

Instructional Video: 
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Item Hazard Band: 
Hazard Class 1 - Minor injuries, addressable with basic first aid kit or ice.

Materials for Sale

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Button set for 1 button: 2.28"/58mm 1 set includes 3 pieces. If you use additional replacement pieces (eg need an additional piece of mylar), please pay for another set to cover costs.... $0.30 per 1 set Add to cart

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