Band Saw Grizzly

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16” Grizzly Band Saw G1073, 112" blade

Requirements for Use
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Band Saw

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Buddy System

Tools identified as requiring the buddy system can not be used alone by a member in the space. Another person who is willing and able to respond in an emergency must be identified, informed and consent that they are acting as a buddy.  This buddy must remain in the space and be able to observe if any issue arises. The designated buddy must be able to see and hear their partner in person (not just video). Metal shop buddy must be in the metal shop with opperator. The buddy must inform the member operating the tool if they intend to leave so that the tool operator can stop use of any tools requiring the buddy system.  

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Grizzly Bandsaw Blades Blades for the Grizzly band saw. 112" Long, 1/4" wide, 10RK. If you break the blade, you need to replace it. $34.00 per 1 Blade Add to cart