Infrastructure Improvements (Plumbing/Electrical/HVAC/etc)

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First a note from our sponsor: If anyone knows a contractor of any sort who might be the type to work with us to keep costs down, please ask them if they'd be willing to come take a look at what we have to give us a quote.

Hi folks,

I'm putting this up as a placehold and rallying point for everyone involved in the infrastructure work at MakeHaven. As you may remember, we are currently focussed on improving the space in four key areas:

  1. Electrical
    1. We must redo and expand the electrical system in the basement to accomodate three phase power and offer many more standard outlets to run our machine shop. 
    2. We would also like to install outlets along the brick wall upstairs. 
    3. If possible, we would like to have retractable extension cords coming off of the ceiling upstairs.
    4. Outlets in the kitchen would be nice to.
    5. Did I leave anything out?
  2. Plumbing
    1. We would like to have running water in the kitchen and, consequently, need water supply and waste lines run into the kitchen. 
    2. Other plumbing needs?
  3. HVAC
    1. We need to install a forced air fume collection and/or rejection system to take care of exhaust from the laser cutter, soldering stations, welding stations, and any other equipment expected to give off noxious fumes.
    2. We also need a dust collection system, but this will likely be portable and not technically a part of the building infrastructure.
  4. Other
    1. We need to figure out what to do with the kitchen downstairs. If we retain the stove as a working fixture, it needs to be sealed against dust and other particulates coming out of the woodshop. If we are going to disable/remove the stove, we need to get someone down there to do that.
    2. Upstairs kitchen improvements - we want to put in a countertop and cabinets upstairs
    3. Upstairs ceiling tiles - need to be cleaned/replaced and missing light covers should be replaced.
    4. Downstairs ceiling tiles - should be removed if this is to code. If they cannot be removed, they should be cleaned or replaced and raised slightly.
    5. Downstairs water damage - should be repaired and contained with dehumidifiers/subpumps/etc.
    6. Downstairs staircase - should be inspected and strengthened if needed.
    7. Bilco Doors - need to be better sealed or separated from the main area to provide critter and crud ingress. 
    8. Install member bins/lockers/whatever somewhere for private storage
    9. Floor - the floor seems structurally weak in some places. These should be inspected and replaced or repaired if necessary.
    10. Kitchen vent - needs to be reconnected to the outside exhaust.
    11. Fire supression - Bob said code may require fire supression if we have a working kitchen on site. 
    12. Paint - we need to repaint the exterior and the interior.
    13. Drywall - needs repair and/or replacement downstairs.

We need quotes for anything we can't do ourselves (which is pretty much everything thanks to city codes that don't appreciate our genius ;-), permits, and, eventually, $$$.