organize and inventory the space

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We'll be organizing items and materials in the space roughly along the categories listed below. As we sort items, we'll be doing our best to establish ownership, tag it, and enter it into the website inventory system. Our end goal is to have an obvious and documented location for every item in the space, for every item in the space to be tagged, and for it to be tagged with owner and usage info.

If you have personal items in the space that should not be mixed with space-owned items, please tag them by 6 PM on Tuesday, June 18 2013. If you can't make it to the space before then, please let either Peter or me know about those items, again, by 6 PM on Tuesday, June 18 2013.  Sometime in the near future (TBD; the end of July?), items that have not been claimed by a member will default to the space; we'll be keeping everyone informed of this process via the mailing-list and member meetings, to ensure that everyone's belongings are handled with respect.

  • Tools
    • Hand Tools (Wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc) - Upstairs, in the rolling toolbox
    • Wood Tools (Specific to woodworking - Planes, rasps, etc) - Downstairs, TBD
    • Metal Tools (Specific to metalworking - files, shears, punches, etc) - Downstairs, TBD
    • Power Tools (All portable power tools) - Downstairs, TBD, preferably in a cabinet
  • Supplies
    • Safety Supply (Gloves, glasses, hearing protection, masks) -
    • Downstairs & Upstairs? TBD
    • Electronics supply (Solder, crimps, wires, connectors, etc) - Upstairs TBD
    • Metal Supply (Weld rod, electrodes, rivets, etc) - Downstairs TBD
    • Wood Supply (Fasteners, glue, clamps)  - Downstairs TBD
    • Chemicals (Paint, solvent, lubricants) - Downstairs, preferably in a fireproof cabinet next to HVAC vent, TBD
    • General Supply (Knives, Duct tape, Office supplies) - Upstairs TBD
  • Scrap
    • Scrap Wood - Downstairs
    • Scrap Metal - Downstairs
  • Specialized stations, with pertinent supplies stored locally:
    • Electronics Stations (Irons, Solder, 3rd Hands, Flux, Power Supplies, Logic Analyzer)
    • Laser Cutter Station (PC, Instruction sheet)
    • 3D Printer Station (PC, Instruction sheet, Extra plastic, manuals)
    • Beer Zone (Rich's domain)