Parkerville Wood Products

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580 Parker Street
Manchester ,

Mailing and Billing Address
Parkerville Wood Products, Inc.
580 Parker Street, Manchester, CT, 06042

Parkerville Wood Products GPS Address
22 Mitchell Road, Manchester, CT, 06042

Phone and Fax Contact Information
Phone: 860-649-9663 Fax: 860-432-1211

-They have a lot (50+ species) of wood, domestic and exotic, slabs, boards, burls, plywood, etc. They can dress/cut the wood however you like. If a bunch of people want to put in an order, they can deliver too.

Resource Notes: 

Pat Carroll,
Millwork and Customer Service, Ext. 212

Is a member and staff and MakerspaceCT in Hartford, he's very maker friendly.

-They are also a commercial woodshop, and will help anyone at any point of a project. So if you'd like to get a project run through a massive wide belt sander, planer, or CNC, or get finished in their spray room, they can do it.

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