Router Table

This is the JessEm Mast-R-Lift II Router Table. A router table is a specialized tool designed to enhance precision and control compared to using a handheld router. Its primary purpose is to provide a stable and flat work surface with a hole or opening where the router bit protrudes, allowing woodworkers to guide their workpieces accurately and safely. Woodworkers commonly use router tables for tasks like edge profiling, dado cutting, and creating intricate joinery, as it offers improved stability and repeatability compared to freehand routing.

Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw is a portable and versatile power tool designed for making straight cuts in various materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic. Its cordless design offers freedom of movement.

Hand Planer

An electric hand planer is a power tool used for fast and efficient wood removal and surface smoothing in woodworking projects. Its motor-driven blades allow it to quickly level uneven surfaces, trim edges, and shape wood with ease.

Compact Trim Router

A cordless trim router is a portable and convenient handheld tool used for small-scale woodworking tasks, such as edging, trimming, and detail work. Its cordless design provides freedom of movement, making it ideal for working in tight spaces or areas without easy access to power outlets, while still delivering precision and versatility for various woodworking projects.

Large Router

A 3.5hp router is a powerful woodworking tool designed for heavy-duty tasks, including shaping, trimming, cutting dense materials, and flattening slabs. Its high precision and versatility make it ideal for professional carpentry and cabinetry work, allowing craftsmen to achieve exceptional results in various woodworking projects, from intricate designs and joinery to large-scale slab flattening tasks.

2HP Plunge Router

A plunge router is a specialized power tool used in woodworking to create intricate and precise cuts, holes, and designs on the surface of a workpiece. Its unique feature allows the router bit to be lowered and raised (plunged) into the material while the router is in operation, providing the flexibility to start or stop the cut anywhere on the piece, making it suitable for tasks like inlays, dadoes, and mortises.

Random Orbital Sanders

A random orbital sander is a versatile handheld tool used for sanding and smoothing various surfaces, such as wood, metal, or plastic. It employs a circular sanding pad that moves in both an orbital and random pattern, minimizing swirl marks and providing a high-quality finish, making it ideal for both fine detail work and larger surface areas.