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Microbit is a micro-controller which has built in sensors and LEDs. You can program it to interact with the world, through sending electrical signals to lights, buzzers, motors and more. It is programmed with a simple drag and drop interface. You can learn how to program it through the online simulator and then later download the file to your microbit once you buy one.

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MakerspaceCT has been hosting regular meetups for conversation about digital fabrication and electronics. We will join their session and create links between the communities. 

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Learn the basics of using a multi-meter. This session will cover:


Reading AC and DC voltage.



and more.


Participants are encouraged to find a multi-meter to refer to during the event.  There will be a discussion about where multi-meters are useful in daily life and as makers. 


Dont have a meter? You can buy an inexpensive one from MakeHaven while supplies last (pickup only). 

Or buy online (many to choose from if you search):

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In this online session the instructor will walk you through using a soldering iron and building the light up heart. This is ideal for a beginner who wants to learn to solder electronics and get some practice. The instructor will introduce the components of the kit.


Requirements and options:

Heart Kit:

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We will be exploring the very basic fundimentals of electronics using the online simulator provided at: https://www.tinkercad.com/circuits

We will be going through and attempting to reproduce the projects/experiments in MAKE: Electronics by Charles Platt

Join us and learn by following along.