Remote 3D Printing Monitoring

Sometimes the 3D printers are all busy, and other times they are all free. Sometimes they appear to be busy, but will all be done printing in ten minutes. It would be nice to be able to track the progress of prints across the entire farm using something like OctoFarm or similar. There are definitely challenges to be solved, since I think OctoFarm needs to be on the inside network to talk to the OctoPrint nodes, and then we need a way to expose some status externally. Or maybe we can just do something with webcams.

We've had problems with spaghetti prints, too. It might be helpful if we could check remotely on print health as well, before we completely encase print heads in plastic.

OctoFarm is free:

If we need webcams, people seem to recommend ~$30 webcams per printer.

Wish Type: 
Space Infrastructure