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A 10 minute cloth mask (9"x6" starting size)

This is a fast, simple sewn facemask that includes a nose piece. It is designed for use with the 9" x 6" mask kits, but you can also cut material to 9"x6". This pattern also works at 9.5"x7" for a larger mask.  I was able to create a mask in about 10 minutes, and that's with some 7th grade home-ec training and a badging on a sewing machine at MakeHaven. This is written by a novice sewist for novices. You can do this!

Easy Zippered Bag

Easy Zippered Bag. Pictured here is what I call a cosmetic bag but this can be any size or shape you want. For example:   pencil case, phone case, computer case, tablet case, etc. The size of this cosmetic bag finished is 7" wide and 6" long with curved edges.