Bridgeport Mill Training

Saturday, January 4, 2020 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

Hands on learning of the fundamentals of safe and practical use of a Bridgeport Milling Machine.

About this Event

Students who successfully compete this class will earn the Bridgeport Mill badge, allowing ongoing use for members. No previous experience required.

The Learning Objectives are as follows:

  • Identify the locations and function of the milling machine's E-stop
  • Identify and demonstrate proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Explain and Identify Lock Out-Tag Out procedure and guidelines for the milling machine
  • List/adhere to all shop/lab safety rules established by Make Haven
  • Identify the location and function of the components on the mill
  • Demonstrate safe insertion and removal of cutting tools
  • Demonstrate adequate clamping/fixturing procedure of work-piece
  • Demonstrate proper start up and speed selection sequence for both belt driven and variable-speed spindles
  • Identify and confirm proper spindle rotation for intended cutting tool
  • Identify and explain the function of machines preventative maintenance (TPM) requirements
  • Demonstrate the accurate and safe squaring of the machine's vise
  • Demonstrate and explain the need for accurate edgefinding of a workpiece
  • Demonstrate proper care and use of precision measuring tools (dial indicator, micrometer, dial caliper)
  • Reference the Machinists Handbook for proper tool selection / cutting speeds and feeds.


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Real name: 
Christopher Heun


Instructor Bio: 

Christopher Heun is a husband and a father to three incredible girls. He is a certified Precision Machine Tool Instructor through the State of Connecticut. He has been working in precision manufacturing since 2004. He teaches Precision Machine Tool for Connecticut Technical Education and Career System (CTECS formerly CTHSS) and CNC Programming for Naugatuck Valley Community College. He is passionate about all forms of metal working and love to discuss, learn, share and explore the craft. He hopes to one day go back to school for material sciences (metallurgy). He loves to eat tacos and he finds splitting, stacking and burning firewood relaxing.

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