Corrugation Creation: Origami in Practice

Sunday, December 18, 2022 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
17 days remaining
Origami has had a strong impact on the direction of various industries including structural engineering, fashion design, the medical field, and nanorobotics, and the evidence of its influences in these and other disciplines are growing. These pieces are a study of both a progression of slightly differing patterns, and how identical crease patterns can give entirely different feelings when displayed in different ways. Each of the patterns was used to create the pieces that follow it, designed in the program Inkscape and scored with a laser cutter to get the form on the paper. 
Learn the basics of origami corrugations, and how to use Inkscape and a laser cutter to develop your own origami designs, score them, and bring them to life through folding! This class will go over how to manipulate paper into corrugations, some design methods, and how to score the paper using a CO2 laser cutter.
No experience needed, all supplies provided. Students will leave with several folded pieces and files that they can use to further their own studies.
Real name: 
Ben Parker


Instructor Bio: 

Ben run a studio gallery in Essex, Connecticut, USA where they create origami artwork, teach origami classes, and host exhibitions with varying styles of artwork. Bens full bio and work can be found at