Learn to make a pen? Ink-conceivable!

Saturday, May 6, 2023 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm

One of the most common items in everyday life is the common pen and making one yourself from wood and acrylic can be accomplished by anyone.

Join us for a 3-hour training on how to make pens from end to end and in that time make up to 5 pens for yourself, family or friends.

We use a specialist pen lathe that is safe and easy to use and requires absolutely no special skills or previous woodworking experience. While all the pen kits are known as “slimline” you decide the final shape and style that suits your creativity. Once familiar with the simple techniques a wood pen usually takes under 15 minutes and acrylic under 20 minutes.  


No experience necessary, All materials will be provided for you to be able to create four pens out of 4 different wood types and 1 in Acrylic.

Ticket Prices:
General Public: $71
Partnerships: $64
MakeHaven members: $60

Real name: 
Glenn Mallette


Instructor Bio: 

While making Furniture and natural wood items, like Jewelry Boxes, I found I had a great deal of small left-over pieces of valuable wood, and after a visit to New Jersey Wood Turners, it was evident that these small pieces could be used for pens, bottle openers, and other small turned items. So I have been making and giving away wood and acrylic pens for about 10 years and being a facilitator in the wood shop, it was evident that the Lathe was an underused tool and that a course to encourage Lathe work was needed. I have begun teaching how to make pens at MakeHaven, using mini-lathes and showing students how easy it is to use the tool safely and create beautiful pens quickly;


MakeHaven Main Space

The main makerspace and connected shops. This is located at 770 Chapel Street. Registered participants should ring the MakeHaven labeled doorbell. They will be directed down a long hallway, and down a set of stairs to our basement workshop.

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Our facilities undergo periodic reviews to maximize ADA compliance. We offer accessible bathrooms, elevators, and wide walkways. In tool usage, we aim for universal access and work individually to adapt tools for safe usage as necessary. If you anticipate needing an adaptation to participate in this event or have further questions, please contact us at events@makehaven.org.