Pitch Writer's Workshop (online)

Thursday, March 11, 2021 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

This online event will be to workshop and refine the pitch for your business or invention. This event will build on the learning from the "Developing Your Pitch" event, and allow for trying out ideas and receiving peer feedback. 

Participants can have a finished 5 minute pitch to practice, a partial pitch or just an idea. We do recommend participants to in try to make the case for an idea/business briefly addressing each of the following:

  • Problem.
  • Vision.
  • Unique Value Proposition.
  • Team.
  • Milestones.
  • Business Model.
  • Competition.
  • Needs / Next Step.


Event Agenda

  • Welcome / Introduction (5 Minutes, JR Logan)
  • General Q&A on Pitches (15 Minutes, Richard Guha)
  • Group Assignment and Instructions (5 Minutes, JR Logan) 
  • Breakout Groups (practice and feedback on pitches) (30 minutes)
    • Groups directed by group leaders experienced with pitching.
  • Report Back to Group on Learning (10 minutes, Richard Guha)
  • END formal program.
  • Post Event Networking (Optional) - Rooms stay open for participants to continue to discuss and network.


Group Leaders

Erick Rios
Big Bang IP

Speciality: Prototype Development

Bruce O'Donnell
Retired Banker/Consultant

Specialty: Business Case

Malik Lewis

Bldg.Fund and
EvolveImmune Therapeutics

Specialty: Entrepreneurship

Ellen Su

Chief Product Officer at Wellinks, Inc.

Specialty: Startup Experience


VIdeo: Fundimentals On Developing Your Pitch

Recomended viewing to assist you in developing an effective pitch.

Real name: 
Richard Guha


Instructor Bio: 

Richard Guha improves, fixes, and optimizes businesses and industries. During his 40 years in business, he has observed that companies qualifying as "Best Places to Work," always grow their value faster than companies that may be similar in all other respects. While getting on such a list provides recognition, he ensures that these companies "walk the talk."

Richard has a technology focused education and general management experience as President of businesses as diverse as Reliant Energy, a Fortune 50 company (now part of NRG Energy), and Mars Frozen Foods. Richard has also been an interim executive and advisor to numerous Fortune 500 and growth companies.

Richard's experience spans multiple industries, from consumer packaged goods to high-tech; energy to telecommunications. His expertise also spans several functions, from General Management to Marketing. Richard has created highly profitable new business models to address changing regulations in airlines, financial services, telecommunications, cable television, and energy, as well as successfully commercialized new technology. He has spoken at many conferences, appeared on national TV, radio, newspapers and magazines from CNBC to the Wall Street Journal.

Richard is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at UCONN



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