Sewing Essentials - Hand Stitching

Saturday, July 23, 2022 - 11:00am to 1:00pm

Ever wanted to figure out how to stop stepping on the bottoms of your pants? Or fix a hole without it being an obvious patch job?

Join Ceresa as she teaches how to do the 6 most useful hand stitches. These hand stitches are used for hemming, invisible closures, decorating and many other textile needs.

  1. Running Stitch – Used to hand-sew basic seams, gathers, patchwork, and more.
  2. Back Stitch – The strongest basic hand stitch used to sew heavy fabrics. Also used for embroidery art to stitch letters and add other details to a design.
  3. Slip Stitch – Used to invisibly sew a folded edge such as hemming and binding inside garments.
  4. Whip Stitch – Also used for hems and closing up seams neatly. Its slanted appearance makes it a beautiful decorative stitch.
  5. Ladder Stitch – Used to close small openings invisibly. Commonly used on pillows and items like stuffed toys. (think teddy bear surgery/repair).
  6. Blanket Stitch – Decorative stitch used to reinforce and finish the edge of your fabric.

This class is open to those with no sewing experience and up. All materials provided, though participants are welcome to bring items of their own to learn on.

Real name: 
Ceresa Newsome


Instructor Bio: 

A freelance Design Consultant, Craft Educator, and talented Seamstress, has been sewing for over 20 years. She is Founder of Endangered Stitches, where she shares her love of sewing, and other crafts in an inviting and inclusive way, meeting the student where they are, and guiding them along their stitch journey. She is happy to serve in the role of Sewing Instructor for this special project.

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