The Ways of the Water Jet


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Thursday, December 9, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Waterjet cutters are game changing.  You'll never look at a piece of metal the same way again.  Learn how to get what you want out of MakeHaven's waterjet from an expert in the field.  Joel has been using waterjets professionally since 2008.  There are things you can make on a waterjet that you wouldn't dream of milling. 

This class will cover the basic functions and concepts of the tool along with creating a flexure stage to take home.  Students will be badged for the waterjet after successful completion of the class.

This class is for members both new to or familiar with the water jet. Participants do not need to be badged on the water jet for this class, but should complete the online portion prior to class.

Real name: 
Joel Greenwood


Instructor Bio: 

Joel Greenwood severed the Harvard neurotechnology community for many years and played a fundamental role in shaping the facility during its early growth. Operating a neurotechnology device fabrication center for Yale University Medical School. Joel was also involved with Artisan's Asylum (Boston Makerspace) and has been a participant in developing large scale works of art. Joel now serves on the board of directors of MakeHaven.

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