Ashley Zdeb
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Build your own data visualization based on the 2019 Survey of Makerspaces Challenge Coin Data Visualization Design

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With Jenn Deafenbaugh

Workshop designed for ages 13+. 

Make Haven
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Processing is a way for code to create stunning and artistic visuals. This session will be aimed at beginners with minimal exposure to coding and are interested learning with a system that gives rewarding feedback. Processing is a sister project to Arduino and output from Arduino serial data can be used as an input to visualizations. 

Examples of artists using processing:


Processing across different langauges

Make Haven
Free Registration Required

Have you ever wanted to build an app? Now you can build one for android phones with the MIT App Inventor. 

In this casual unscripted exploration of the learning and development tool, JR will build a simple app that displays phone orientation data, stores it to a web database with the push of a button, then with another button recalls it to display. Programming is done with by connecting blocks visually. Easy for anyone to learn.