Casting and Mold Making


Mold Star 16 FAST Mix By Volume Platinum Silicone Rubbers

"Fast Set" Platinum Cure Mold Rubber Silicone Rubber Mold Star™ 16 FAST, is an easy-to-use liquid silicone rubber that can be measured by volume and are low in viscosity so vacuum degassing is not required. Mold Star™ silicones are strong and lasting mold materials great for casting plaster, wax, resins, etc. TMold Star™ 16 FAST is a faster material with a 6 minute pot life and 30 minute cure time that is available in a 400 ml cartridge.

Alja-Safe Crystalline Silica-Free Alginate

Alja-Safe® is the world’s first alginate that does not contain crystalline silica (a known carcinogen). Alja-Safe® is perfect for making single-use molds of the face, hands and other body parts. Alja-Safe® is easy to use and cures quickly. It reproduces fine detail and makes an excellent temporary mold – good for one or two reproductions of any body part. Alja-Safe™ is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

HandGel™ 570 alginate

Accu-cast Handgel (570) Alginate Lifecasting Accu-Cast™ HandGel™ 570 alginate is an easy to use alginate mold material that is ideal for making poured molds used to reproduce fine detail of the hands, feet and other body parts using a large container or bucket. HandGel™ 570 makes an excellent temporary lifecasting mold and has a set time of about 5 minutes when mixed with water that has a temperature of 70°F/21°C. You can cast LiquiStone™ gypsum cement, plaster, duoMatrix™ NEO (polymer modified gypsum) or Smooth-Cast™ 300Q ultra-fast urethane resin into the mold to make a reproduction.

Body Double Standard 2 Pound Trial Kit

"Standard Set" Platinum Cure Mold Rubber Brushable Silicone Rubber Body Double® “Standard Set” and Body Double® “Fast Set” are long lasting skin safe lifecasting silicone rubbers that can be applied directly to the skin to make molds of the face, hands and other body parts. The rubber cures quickly and will reproduce perfect detail from any original model – far better detail than any alginate. Body Double® “Standard Set” has a working time of 5 minutes and a demold time of 20 minutes.

Rebound 40 2 Pound Trial Unit

Platinum Cure Mold Rubber Brushable Silicone Rubber Rebound™ 25 & Rebound™ 40 are easy-to-use silicone rubbers that self-thicken for making brush-on molds of almost any model. Rebound™ can be applied with a brush or spatula to vertical surfaces without sagging and will cure to a soft, flexible rubber. Rebound™ 25 is good for making molds of models with deep undercuts and, depending on model configuration, can be inverted as a glove molds. Rebound™ 40 is harder and less flexible.