Quilter Badge

Learn to use the quilter! Don't panic at the number of videos. These are short, instructional pieces outlining steps. The total of the videos is just over a half hour.

Badge Prerequisite: 
Watch Video
Pass Quiz
Facilitator Checkout
Estimated Minutes for Checkout: 
60 Minutes
In person checkout required

Quilted Placemat Samplers

Placemats as a Freestyle Quilting Sampler

Making smooth continuous freestyle shapes on the long arm quilter takes practice. Why not try several types for a single project? You can try flowers, spirals, zig zags, stones, woodgrains, words, single line drawings, wanderings, knit look - the options are many! A set of six placemats lets you practice six techniques. You need to be badged on the long arm quilter and basic sewing machine and/or serger machine.