Covid-19 Response



Sewing New Protective Masks

Status: Commercial Producers Avalible

Delivered: Over 6,000 sewing face masks delivered!

Description: An effort to research and coordinate volunteers in sewing protective masks for use in the communit and at YNHH.

Safety: This effort is entirely distributed to makers at home, you can use household materials or get a kit at pickup point to sew at home. Completed masks are left at unpersoned drop off points, then washed (if needed) and distributed.

Contacts: Kate Cebik,  Lior Trestman

Additional Resources:

Volunteer Sewing Registration

Mask Design

Mask Instructional Video

Check MakeHaven Events for sewing circles

Community Organization Mask Request Form


Local Commercial Producers: 

Volunteer sewn masks are being distributed first to health care and community serving nonprofits. Commercial producers will sew custom masks to order for your personal or business use.

  • NEW HAVEN ANNEX: Catherine Mason Costume - (small and large orders)
  • QUINNIPIAC MEADOWS: Sewing Place New Haven -   (475) 441-7473, orders up to 25
  • WESTVILLE: Charlotte Anderholt, seamstress,, small batch orders
  • HAMDEN: Regina Bohn, Regina's Originals - (203) 809-9139, small batch orders (up to 10 at a time)
  • DOWNTOWN NEW HAVEN: Liz Saylor Costume  Shop Manager New Haven 10/order, multiple orders can be discussed - pick-up required, payment by cash or check when picked up. Basic pleated mask with nose wire and elastic ear loops (no pocket for additional filter) Include contact person, name of business/organization, best phone number please.
  • DOWNTOWN NEW HAVEN: Fashionista Vintage & Variety, for every mask purchased the will donate 2 to an org in need!
  • WESTVILLE: Neville Wisdom - Orders of 50 or more only.



Protective Clear Plastic Face Shields

Status: Commercial Producers Avalible

Produced: 2000+

Description: Use laser cutter and various fabrication tools to make clear plastic face masks from raw materials for use at YNHH and community nonprofits serving the public.

Safety: The shields where requested for use by the health system as essential equipment. The manufacture of these shields is done separating people in time and space as much as possible. Volunteers wear protective equipment.

Contacts: Aaron Monikowski, Lior TrestmanJoel Greenwood

Partners: Neurotechnology Core at Yale (Laser cutting plastic)




Commercial Producers:

  • Local, Reusable. Modern Plastics, $7.25 (discounts for volume) per shield. Call (203) 333-3128
  • Mail, Single Use. HLPKlearfold, prices below, takes 7-10 days to arrive, prices include shipping. Contact
    • 1,000 @ $1.845 (shipped Fedex Priority)

    • 5,000 @ $1.185 (shipped Fedex Priority)

    • 10,000 @ $0.987 (Shipped air freight) fsdf

Note: as commercial producers have come online we request you check with them before requesting volunteer built shields from MakeHaven.


Intubation Shield

Status: Commercial Producers Avalible

Shield made of clear plastic sheets to protect medical staff from cough spray during intubation procedure.

Contacts: Lior Trestman

Documents: Design/Specification Sheet

Local / Regional Comerical Producers:

  • Modern Plastics, Producing MakeHaven Design (tested by YNHH doctors) Call (203) 333-3128


Last Resort Ventilator - AmboVent Design

Status: Building Test Unit

Build test unit, followed by production units of this open source ventilator design.


  • Coordinator: Lior Trestman
  • Medical Team: Harvey Zar (Lead), Tony Tomassoni, Ben Artin
  • Mechanical Team: Colin Bunting (co-lead), Jen Fremd (co-lead), Nick McGhee, Jeremy Betz
  • Electrical Team: Jessica Badowsk (co-lead), Justin Rowe (co-lead), Cedric, Stephen Robinson, Paul Novak

Volunteer Interest: Complete Form

Slack: #covid-ventilator

Meeting: Recorded Planning Meeting

AmboVent Ventilator Resources:

Additional Resources:

Ventilator Splitors

Status: Design /Development

4-way ventilator splitter, working with

Contacts: Bruce Crowder


Testing Swab Applicator

Status: In Testing and Desgin 

Using Markforged carbon fiber /nylon 3d printer or resin printer.


Contacts: Anne Wyllie, Lior Trestman, Colin Bunting, Chaney Kalinich

Additional Resources:

Enhanced CPAP machines

Status: Researching Options, Research Needed

Contact: Rich Pizzoferrato (looking for new lead)

Additional Resources: 

n95 Life Extension / Cleaning

Status: MakeHaven Pause.

Yale University and others doing this work with more knowledge and resources. MakeHaven paused on project.


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MakeHaven is empowering makers to create life saving equipment and supplies. Donate to offset expenses related to the covid response. Checks can be mailed to 770 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT, 06510



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