Art Opening: Footnotes and other embedded stories

Saturday, April 30, 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Artspace New Haven

Founded in 1987 by artists, we center community-building and education while providing a platform to present the work of visual artists in the city of New Haven. Artspace’s exhibition and commissioning programs encourage experimentation and civic discourse while fostering appreciation for the vital role artists play in improving our community.

Footnotes and other embedded stories takes its point of departure from the tiny number that leads to an adjacent text at the bottom of a page. Within research, a footnote acts as a hypertext—disclosing a source, highlighting a reference, tracing a line from thought to thought. Outside of academic contexts they arise in conversational tangents, offering readers, viewers, speakers, and thinkers the opportunity to delve deeper, to embed themselves within the root of the text.

The paintings, installations, videos, woodcuts, and sculptures by artists Leonard Galmon, Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez, Allison Minto, Julia Rooney, and Joseph Smolinski reveal their relationships with research through these citations. Whether referencing communal relations through portraiture, reconfiguring the self through photographic collage, (re)imagining an archive from a never-realized New Haven HBCU, collecting and arranging objects in a curio-cabinet, or mining data concerning the uses of images in technology, these artists carry their sources through numerous stories and their ever-branching web of hyperlinks to bear on futural projections.

Opening reception: 4/30/22 6-8pm at Artspace. Exhibit up April 30—June 25, 2022

Ruby Gonzalez Hernandez & Joseph Smolinski are MakeHaven members

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