Sewing Essentials: Make your own lined, zippered pouch

MakeHaven Main Space

The main makerspace and connected shops. This is located at 770 Chapel Street. Registered participants should ring the MakeHaven labeled doorbell. They will be directed down a long hallway, and down a set of stairs to our basement workshop.

Sunday, October 16, 2022 - 11:00am to 2:00pm

In this 3 hour class you’ll make your own lined, zippered pouch approximately 8" long, which can be used for storing anything from everyday tools to makeup (or both!). Through this process you will learn how to install zippers, attach lining as well as thread and safely operate a sewing machine, make buttonholes, and sew buttons. 

All material provided. If participants have specific fabric they would like to use to make their pouch, please feel welcome to bring it. Fabric should be two (2) 10" cotton squares.

No experience necessary, this class is an introduction to the basics of sewing as well as a handful of skills that will be useful in many future projects.

Real name: 
Ceresa Newsome


Instructor Bio: 

A talented Seamstress, has been sewing for over 20 years. Ceresa is Founder of Endangered Stitches, LLC, where she shares her love of sewing, and other crafts in an inviting and inclusive way, meeting the student where they are, and guiding them along their stitch journey. She is happy to serve in the role of Sewing Instructor for this special project.

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