Guided Makerspace Skills Exploration Application



About the Program

MakeHaven has received an Empower Makers Grant from Stanley Black and decker to provide coaching and support to members whose goals are to gain new, career-relevant maker skills. Participants will set goals for earning badges and receive encouragement to reach their goal. 

We intend to conduct four sessions of 10 to 20 individuals with strong interest in career mobility though upskilling their maker abilities. Each three month cohort will participate in a part-time, hands-on makerspace based experience guided by our coach who tracks progress of each participant and directs graduates to appropriate resources. 

We envision the 3 month program for each cohort will be organized in phases.
Phase 1 - Explore - Over a 7-week period participants are oriented to the makerspace, then select two tool related microcredentials in each of the different areas to earn (metalworking, woodworking, textile, digital fabrication). 
Phase 2 - Experience - Participant select a focus area and earns a minimum of four additional tool credentials in that area, and complete work on a personal project, planned in collaboration with their coach. (4 weeks)
Phase 3 - Exhibit - One week to prepare to exhibit their project to the community for feedback and to demonstrate earned competency. 
Cohorts will have periodic opportunities for sharing progress and discovery with the group.
Participants may be existing members of MakeHaven or new recruits to MakeHaven. The program is provided at no cost, but participants will need to maintain a MakeHaven membership for the duration of the program. Scholarships are available where there is financial need.
Cohorts will be selected through an application process. Successful applicants will demonstrate how maker skills is likely to help them increase income through entrepreneurship, new employment or promotion.  An emphasis will be put on building cohorts that include strong representation of underserved people, underrepresented people, workers displaced by the pandemic and female participants.
After completing the requirements of the program the participant will earn a certificate issued by MakeHaven. 

Program Coordinator and Coach

Randi Mccray

Randi McCray is a dynamic highly skilled facilitator with ten years experience leading group conversations, training, and workshops with diverse groups.

She is a New Haven native with a passion for owning her own business and giving back to her community.  After a career in tech at Yale University for 18 years, Randi now works as a consultant for non-profits while completing her Ph.D. in Public Policy.  In addition to co-collaborating at the Urban Collective, she is an adjunct professor at three local colleges in CT.


Cohort Start Dates:
May 25, 2022  - Cohort Two
June 22, 2022 - Cohort Three
Must be 18 or older to participate.
You can contact with questions.


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