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Laser Cut and Engraved Dice Tray

Similar to the Laser Cut and Engraved Box project available elsewhere on this site, the Acrylic Dice Tray is an invaluable resource for tabletop and board game use--durable, highly customizable, and easy to make!
These instructions do assume basic proficiency with the Universal laser cutters, and general knowledge of the use of Inkscape for optional customization, but other than that this project is fairly straightforward, and is an ideal next project for those who have completed the laser cut box and want to branch out to new materials.

Triangle Desk Lamp With Interchangeable Matboard Shade

This is a cute desk/bedside lamp with an optional laser engraved shade made using a stippling type pattern. It's extremely inexpensive and fairly quick to fabricate. It makes a great gift, especially due to its interchangeable press-fit shade: you can give the base along with one shade as a gift, and then add to it by gifting new shades for other occasions. Depending on the wood/finish and the bulb brightness you choose, it can also look pretty nice without a shade.