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Our physical location is temporarily limited to small business activity. We will update this notice when education and hobby use resume. Until then enjoy our online learning activities for makers.

MakeHaven is for


The perfect place to create and get feedback on your early prototype or just engage with a community of people working on the frontiers of technology.


Connect with others who share your passion. Share the skills you have developed expand your horizons.


Experiment with new medium and challenge your ideas to create something unique. Hone woodworking, sewing or printmaking skills.




What Our Members Do?

The tools to make anything! 


MakeHaven is a full makerspace and Fab Lab. 


3d Printers

Multiple Fused deposition modeling printers which lay down plastic layer by layer to build your designs.

CNC Wood Mill

A large platform which an attached router which can be controlled by a computer to cut out intricate custom designs.

Laser Cutter

Several systems for harnessing the power of a CO2 laser to cut into or engrave wood. These can be used to make incredibly precise works of art.

Wood Shop

Full workshop with all the equipment needed for most personal projects including: table saw, band-saw  planer and hand tools. 

Electronics Workbench

A place to work on electronics platforms like Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Or to solder a basic circuit board together.  

Home Brewing

The basic equipment for standard home brewing as well as a custom built computer controlled home brewing machine for the advanced home brewer.

Metal CNC

A three axis fully enclosed metal mill, capable of cutting aluminum or steel with precision.

Sewing and Craft

Sewing machines, crafting equipment and a computer controlled embroidery machine.

Vacuum Former

Machine that heats and allows you to form plastic sheets into specific shapes. Great for making costumes, molds or a housing for your drone. 


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From Sketches to functional prototypes. MakeHaven also facilitates academic research!

I came to New Haven for a 4-month academic exchange at Yale University. Here, I collaborated with the Department of Cardiac Surgery to explore novel treatment options for patients with heart failure. With a biomedical engineering degree and an ongoing master's degree in Experimental Surgery, I aim to approach unmeet needs in the field of circulatory support for the development of improved cardiovascular devices.
Kate Cebik
Registration Requested

Join Community Supported Brewing (CSB) to brew beer together! CSB is a group of people that make beer as a group so we can learn from each other and have partners in ale trying all of our well made and our favorite beers.

Newbies welcome! While waiting we will be hanging out sharing our brewing experience and learning from one other about the craft. Drop in for part or stick around for all. CSB is a group for bringing good beer to good people! BYOB welcome.

Make Haven

Postponed -- New date to be determined and announced in future.



It is with great excitement that MakerspaceCT, Spark Makerspace, MakeHaven, Fairfield County Makers Guild, and Danbury Hackerspace accounce HackCT, a three-day hackathon event that will take place March 27th-29th, 2020 at MakerspaceCT in Hartford, CT.


Nicholas McGhee
Members Only

Note: Rescheduled from 2/19

Advanced SolidWorks techniques for Assembly modelling with a focus on:

  • Part File Management
  • Mating for Motion. 
  • Exploded Views

This seminar is meant for people who have already experienced creating parts in Solidworks.

The brief interactive presentation will be followed up by a round table discussion and adressing of specific challenges. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop or register for a space on the local machines. 

Maggie Mohmed
Registration Required

Learn how to make Valentine's gift by your hand in "Make it with love"  workshop.

It's FREE and opened to the public right before the Valentine's Day. Join us and give your lover a unique, handmade gift this year.

Everyone is welcome. Please let us know what your sewing experience is at signup.

Grommet Puncher

In the sewing section, we would like equipment that allows us to insert grommets into clothing. Grommets are small metal rings that can be used for different types of garment construction, such as lacing. Please make our wishes come true! *cute emoji*

Replace Broken Sewing Machines with Durable Metal Machines (Such as Necchi)

We have discussed among the sewing team. We really think we should replace the existing donated sewing machines which keep failing by buying at least three reliable new sewing machines. We have all worked with Necchi's during the Threads and Needles program and are very familiar with them. Catherine can obtain them locally at a discounted price. We think they are sound sewing machines that have all metal parts and therefore do not break easily, like the Kenmore. We think this is important considering the frequency of use.

Tumbler machine for metals

It would make finishing all the great metal parts we are creating in the machine shop better and easier.

It makes different consistent finishes by rounding sharp edges, removing burrs, and other small details like that