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A 6-month Intro to Making Course


MakeHaven is for


The perfect place to create and get feedback on your early prototype or just engage with a community of people working on the frontiers of technology.


Connect with others who share your passion. Share the skills you have developed expand your horizons.


Experiment with new medium and challenge your ideas to create something unique. Hone woodworking, sewing or printmaking skills.




The tools to make anything! 


MakeHaven is a full makerspace and Fab Lab. 


3d Printers

Multiple Fused deposition modeling printers which lay down plastic layer by layer to build your designs.

CNC Wood Mill

A large platform which an attached router which can be controlled by a computer to cut out intricate custom designs.

Laser Cutter

Several systems for harnessing the power of a CO2 laser to cut into or engrave wood. These can be used to make incredibly precise works of art.

Wood Shop

Full workshop with all the equipment needed for most personal projects including: table saw, band-saw  planer and hand tools. 

Electronics Workbench

A place to work on electronics platforms like Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi or Arduino. Or to solder a basic circuit board together.  

Home Brewing

The basic equipment for standard home brewing as well as a custom built computer controlled home brewing machine for the advanced home brewer.

Metal CNC

A three axis fully enclosed metal mill, capable of cutting aluminum or steel with precision.

Sewing and Craft

Sewing machines, crafting equipment and a computer controlled embroidery machine.

Vacuum Former

Machine that heats and allows you to form plastic sheets into specific shapes. Great for making costumes, molds or a housing for your drone. 


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Make Haven

We will be doing a short demo which shows the concepts behind OpenScad. Using code we will build a bracket suitable for 3d printing.  

Make Haven
As part of the regular open house we will be showing PiPlay (a video game emulator) running on a Raspberry Pi. Drop in and try your hand at some retro video-games.
Ticket Purchase Required

Please purchase tickets in advance so I can get equipment for everyone attending!


Make Haven

This meetup will explore Bitcoin and Altcoin (Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc...) mining and share information on how to mine effectively.

Come learn how Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are created with computing power through the process referred to as "mining". 

There will be a demonstration of Scrypt-based altcoin mining as well as a Bitcoin mining with a usb-ASIC.

This event will part of MakeHaven's open house. 

Scott Petersen

*moved to accommodate the holiday*

Music Meetup Monday is a gathering for musicians of any ilk to talk, code, play, share recordings or projects in progress, and generally pour over anything related to music.

Ideas of subjects that *may* come up:

Alex Murdoch

Harvey has generously offered to donate his small lathe to make haven, all we need to do is move it.

I will use my pickup truck to pick up the lathe, we just will need some voulenteers to help get it into the basement. The basement hatch door has a small amount of clearance, but we figure that we will have just enough room to make it fit through if the legs are taken off. The plan is to use some 2x4 wood beams to as a ramp on the stairs, and use a chain winch that Harvey has to slowly lower the lathe down the ramps. 

J.R. Logan

There has been a lot of ideas about what is wrong with our two lasercutters. This will be some dedicated time for intrested members to test and try and figure out how to get both of them into shape. 


Lets get together and talk about woodworking!  This is an opportunity for people to share what projects you are working on. 

Topics could include:


There is much that the members of the 3d printing community can learn from each-other.