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Get a Gift Card for Woodworking Class

Valid for Dovetails ($65) or Mortise and Tenon Joinery ($65) or Farmbench Class ($90 including materials)

Several dates will be scheduled in 2018 for each.





What could the maker in your family do with a supportive community and the right tools?


Tools include: 3d printers, laser cutter, band saw, kitchen, miter saw, sewing machine, drill press, work benches, hand tools, othiscope, soldering station, tabletop cnc, brewing machine.


For the holidays MakeHaven is offering the option to purchase membership Gift Cards. Each gift card will be stylishly created using plywood on a laser cuter**.



3 Month - $150 6 Month - $275 (Save $25) 1 Year - $550 (Save $50)



Membership Includes*:

  • 24 hour access to workspace and tools

  • 1 hour training on 3d printer and laser cutter

  • Member only events and trainings





* Offer applies to new members only. Members must be over 18 and meet expectations outlined in membership guide. MakeHaven reserves the right to refuse membership and issue a refund. One per customer. Membership term starts when when the new member does our orientation, must start within one year of date of purchase and will last a the term indicated on the card.

** Cards can be picked up at MakeHaven Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm until December 18th. Card are not necessary for redemption if we have contact info for beneficiary. Cards purchased after December 18th will not have a physical card, but gift membership is still valid. Other arrangements may be made upon request to