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Get a Gift Card for Woodworking Class

Valid for Dovetails ($65) or Mortise and Tenon Joinery ($65) or Farmbench Class ($90 including materials)

Several dates will be scheduled in 2018 for each.





What could the maker in your family do with a supportive community and the right tools?


Tools include: 3d printers, laser cutter, band saw, kitchen, miter saw, sewing machine, drill press, work benches, hand tools, othiscope, soldering station, tabletop cnc, brewing machine.



3 Month - $150 6 Month - $275 (Save $25) 1 Year - $550 (Save $50)




Membership Includes*:

  • 24 hour access to workspace and tools

  • 1 hour training on 3d printer and laser cutter

  • Member only events and trainings




* Offer applies to new members only. Members must be over 18 and meet expectations outlined in membership guide. MakeHaven reserves the right to refuse membership and issue a refund. One per customer. Membership term starts when when the new member does our orientation, must start within one year of date of purchase and will last a the term indicated on the card.