Partner Member Discount


Note: Program needs to be refreshed with new partners. Grove is now longer in buisness.


MakeHaven is a community to help you learn how to build your dreams. This join with a partner membership orginization gives you the best of both! 

To this end we are offering a steep discount to individuals who get both a regular MakeHaven membership and a maintain a qualifying membership at a partner orgnization. 

Partner Membership Orgnizations:

  • The Grove



For example:

  • An existing Grove member can add MakeHaven membership for only $30 per month.
  • An existing MakeHaven member can add a 10 day per month Grove membership for $55 per month. 
  • An unaffiliated person can join for $105 per month.

How does this work?
The Grove and MakeHaven both reduce our monthly fee by $10 to give you a $20 savings on the two memberships.* 

For example a regular MakeHaven membership is $50, once we have verified that you also maintain a Grove membership we will only charge $40 per month. The Grove charges $75 for a 10 pass but will discount that by $10.

  Regular Discount Monthly After Discount 
MakeHaven Standard Membership $50 -$10 $40
Grove 10 Day Membership $75 -$10 $65
Totals $125 -$20 $105


Initiate the discounted membership use the following buttons. You must be a member of both to get a discount. If you already are a member of one or both, you will need to let us know to apply the discount to your existing billing - contact: or



I am an existing member can I still get the discount?
Yes, just get in touch with membership contact for the Grove or MakeHaven, whichever you are already a member.

I am not a member if ether, can I get this deal by joining both?
Yes, you join each organization seperatly. Be sure to mention that you make it known you are joining both and want the discount.

What if I drop my membership at MakeHaven or the Grove?
Then the discount should no longer be in effect. It is your responsibility to inform the remaining organization. You will be responsible for paying regular membership.

Can I combine this with MakeHaven memberships other than regular (corporate, family, student)?
No, at this time we are keeping it simple.

If I am a member of one does it guarantee I can get membership to the other?
No, you need to qualify as a member under each orgnization's own standards.

* all details subject to change