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School is in session

So school has just started and that means that Gateway is open with its new manufacturing program. I'm really excited to take a few classes there. I also am looing forward to getting the laser cutter cleared as I'd like to get some trigger time on it. 


What sort of classes are you looking for? 

MakerSpace tour

Right now there are several spaces outside of Connecticut  in the Northeast that I'd like to go and check out:

1. NYC Resistor (Brooklyn,NY)

2. AS 220 (Providence,RI)

3. Artisan's Asylum(Boston,MA)

4. MITERS (Cambridge,MA)

Road trip anyone? 


Tool envy -- Shapeoko

I love robots. I love computers. And Im starting to love tools the more I get to try to improve on my n00b skillz. So when I get a chance to see tools and computers together that I can have access to in my own house, garage, or makerspace that I am happily a member of,  I think this may deserve a look as something to add to the space.

Creating a Bonderman fellowship but for makers to work out of MakeHaven

Ever heard of the Bonderman fellowship?  It's a fellowship that gives 20,000 dollars to a recent graduate with the idea that they go out and explore the world. More details here: I wish I had done something like this after graduation.

Maker Startup Weekend

Startup Weekends are cool. Makeathons are cool. Startup Weekends + Makeathon = ???

They had one out at TechShop 

I've been talking to some people in the general area that have access to some technical tools and personnell  about doing something like this.

If there was a Maker Startup Weekend, what would you like the focus to be and what would you like to get out of the weekend?

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