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Figure out system for tracking printing by member

Printing has become a significant expense and we need to have some way to manage printing and costs/fees better.


An ideal system would be a printer server that only releases the print job when someone scans their RFID card. It would log that card serial number and print job details to be audited later. Perhaps a raspberry pi running a CUPS print server would be a good start. The trick would be to setup a conditional release of the print job till the user had entered name (or swiped rfid card). Even better if it can calculate an amount based on pages and color/black and white. That amount could easily generate a paypal payment link.


Alternatively we might be able to implement print logging using something like: https://www.papercut.com/products/free-software/print-logger/ but would likely need to figure out how to create a named user account for each member (automatic or self registration). 


I did research on Papercut which has a "release station" option where you print to it and then release it. But the software is $500 and to add paypal is another $500.


An open source alternative seems to be:https://www.savapage.org/

It looks like users can be created on the fly even by Oath, this would be sufficent to capture member names for billing.



Also seems to have ablity to charge directly with Paypal.





Other ideas and solutions welcome.

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