Epson Poster Paper, 36" wide

Offering sharp details and brilliant colors that dry instantly, this lightweight paper with a low-glare satin finish is perfect for posters, signs, and displays. This paper is easy to handle and offers superior light-fastness and excellent water resistance. You'll get top performance with Epson Stylus Pro and SureColor printers with UltraChrome inks even when you're printing in "speed" modes. Paper Specifications: Large color gamut Instant Dry Satin smooth finish 210 gsm Weight / 9 mil caliper

Silica Sand

Offering high permeabilities and densities due to excellent fines control, these three and four screen round grain sands are ideal for most core and molding applications in iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries. They also demonstrate high strength in all binder systems.

Puritan Plaster

PURITAN POTTERY PLASTER is a unique, specially designed for use with mechanical clay forming machinery. Absolutely the hardest, most wear-resistant plaster made for molds, and a favorite for jiggering molds.

USG White Hydrocal

WHITE HYDROCAL is used for making plaster objects, a neutral gypsum cement having a normal set of 25 minutes. When Gypsum Cement is formed under a template it is slightly on the “short side” and has a tendency to tear. The setting expansion is somewhat greater than ULTRACAL 30.

Sculptex Soft Modeling Clay

Sculptex® is a non-toxic, non hardening modeling clay that is sulfur-free and non contaminating. Sculptex® is an ideal alternative to sulfur-based clays, which are incompatible with some mold rubbers. It holds excellent detail and is great for precision sculpting, prototyping and model making.

Perfect Cast

Perfect Cast Casting Material is a non-toxic blend specially formulated to create the most accurately detailed and high quality casts from your molds Easy to mix and use, Perfect Cast quickly hardens to perfection in 30-45 minutes Your finished cast will be 5 times stronger than ordinary plaster casts for durability and longevity

Oomoo 25

Perfect for beginners, hobbyists and craft makers, OOMOO® 25 silicone rubber is easy to use and inexpensive. They don’t require special equipment to process and are ideal for making one or two-piece block molds. OOMOO® molds are good for fast prototyping and model making, creating resin jewelry, wax, soap, and home hobby projects.